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Electric Speedometer

SKU D22025
Color: Chrome

60mm Speedometer 140 MPH 

The 60mm Speedometer 140 MPH is a stylish and reliable gauge for your motorcycle. With its low profile design, this 60mm speedometer is ideal for replacing your stock gauge without altering the balance of your motorcycle's design. The gauge features liquid crystal white LED lights for a beautiful display, and the stepper motor-driven pointer moves quickly to indicate your actual speed. Made of stainless steel, this gauge is water resistant and able to withstand the elements.

In addition to displaying your speed, the 60mm Speedometer 140 MPH also includes an odometer, two trip meters, a clock, and a voltmeter. It is compatible with major electrical speed sensors on your bike, and can be used with optional indicators for turn signals (L/R), high beam, neutral, and warning. The gauge comes with a V-Bracket, extension wires, and mounting hardware for easy installation. Trust in the durability and performance of the 60mm Speedometer 140 MPH to keep you informed about your motorcycle's speed and performance.

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