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Accessory Bar with
USB charger (100mm)
Stem Hole

SKU D93382

USB Type Accessory Bar

The Accessory Bar is a specialized mounting solution for attaching gadgets to the motorcycle handlebar. With this bar, you can bring new GoPro angles for viewers to enjoy, or charge GPS and smartphone devices on the go. This product is designed to be both functional and versatile, allowing you to customize your motorcycle with the accessories you need.

The stem hole type allows for easy installation on most motorcycle models. With a short length of 100mm and an accessory bar diameter of 22.2mm, this bar is both strong and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for any rider.

Mount kit for steering stem

Part Number: D95443 (17-20mm)
Part Number: D95442 (15-17mm)
Part Number: D95444 (13-14mm)