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Compact High Throttle Kit
For Yamaha MT09

SKU PF065678-R1
Color: Red
Compact High Throttle Kit for Yamaha MT09

The Compact High Throttle Kit is a performance upgrade designed for Yamaha MT09 motorcycles. It consists of a machined aluminum throttle body and nylon throttle sleeve, which work together to provide a smooth and responsive accelerator. The accelerator wire is swaged to reduce frictional resistance on the surface of the throttle wire, resulting in a smoother acceleration experience.

The Compact High Throttle Kit has a split body design and uses a new compact body, allowing it to be easily installed on your Yamaha MT09. It is compatible with wires for genuine carburetors and throttle bodies, making it a convenient and easy-to-install upgrade for your motorcycle. The Compact High Throttle Kit is a reliable and effective way to improve the performance of your Yamaha MT09.