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Electrical Power Supply D-Unit

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Electrical Power Supply D-Unit

Introducing the ultimate accessory power management solution for your motorcycle – the D-Unit. With this device, you can easily and conveniently power up to 4 of your favorite accessories, such as USB ports, hot grips and dash cams.

Eliminate the hassle of searching for wiring every time you want to install a new accessory. Simply connect the D-Unit to your main key and power up to 4 accessories with the flip of a switch. It's easy to add additional equipment and switch it on and off in conjunction with your main key.

And with a high output of 20A in total, you can trust that this device will provide reliable power to all of your accessories. By taking the main power source directly from the battery, you can reduce the burden on your motorcycle's electrical system.

For added flexibility, this device even includes a built-in low profile blade fuse that can be replaced to set the required amperage (up to 20A in total).