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Daytona Rear Shock
For Honda Grom (2013 ー 2018)

SKU D92483
Reinforced Rear Shock (White)

- Reinforced rear shock with adjustable mounting length.
- The stroke has been increased to prevent bottoming out due to normal shock, and the panel rate has been increased by approximately 15% compared to the genuine product.
- The vehicle height adjustment range is set to 250 to 258 mm, and the vehicle height is slightly increased.

- This improves the maximum load and ensures comfort during tandem riding.
- Achieves improved turning performance and a deep bank angle during sports driving.
- Uses oil damper type and spring preload stepless adjustment type.

* Normal rear shock length: 245mm
* Normal side stand can be used
* Please note that the height of the vehicle will rise slightly and the footing will be taller.