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Mastercylinder Tank Cap

Original price $40.28
Current price $38.60
SKU D92732
Color: Red

Universal motorcycle M/C tank cap

Are you looking to add a touch of style and beauty to your ride? Look no further than the PREMIUM ZONE series master cylinder tank cap. Made from solid aluminum and finished with dual anodized aluminum, this tank cap is a masterpiece of "creation" and "excellence." It's the perfect accessory for any motorcycle.

With 3 types available for NISSIN and 1 for BREMBO, you can find the perfect fit for your specific make and model. And with 5 colors to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your personal style.

[F] Front [R] Rear

Fitment: Honda
CBR1000RA (2009-2023) [R]
CBR1000RR (2008-2023) [R]
CBR1000RS (2014) [R]
CBR1000S (2014-2019) [R]

Fitment: Kawasaki
Z250SL (2014-2018) [R]
NINJA 300 (2013-2017) [R]
VERSYS-X 300 (2017-2023) [R]
NINJA 400 (2018-2023) [R]
Z400 (2019-2022) [R]
NINJA 500 (2009) [R]
NINJA ZX-6R (2007-2008) [R]
NINJA 650 (2017-2023) [R]
KLR650 (2009-2018) [R]
VULCAN S (2015-2023) [R]
Z650/RS (2017-2023) [R]
Z750 (2007-2010) [R]
W800 (2019-2023) [R]
Z800 (2016) [R]
ZR800 (2013-2015) [R]
Z900/RS (2017-2023) [R]
NINJA 1000 (2011-2019) [R]
NINJA 1000SX (2020-2023) [R]
NINJA ZX-10R (2008-2020) [R]
NINJA ZX-10RR (2017-2019) [R]
VERSYS 1000 (2012-2021) [R]
Z1000 (2007-2016) [R]
NINJA H2/SX (2015-2022) [R]
NINJA H2R 92015-2021) [R]
Z H2 (2020-2023) [R]

Fitment: Suzuki
(2017-2018) [R]
GSX-R1000/R (2020-2021) [R]

Fitment: Yamaha
YZFR6 (2017-2020) [R]
FZ07 (2015-2017) [R]
MT07 (2018-2022) [R]
XSR700 (2018-2021) [R]
FJ09 (2015-2017) [R]
FZ09 (2014-2017) [R]
MT09 (2018-2022) [R]
TRACER 900/GT (2019-2021) [R]
XSR900 (2016-2021) [R]
FZ10 (2017) [R]
MT10 (2018-2021) [R]
YFZ-R1 (2009-2014) [R]
SUPER TENERE ES (2014-2022) [R]