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Motorcycle Compact
Jumper Cable

SKU D63546
Compact motorcycle jumper cable 
Our Motorcycle Jumper Cable is made with Japanese quality, ensuring that it is reliable and durable. This cable is essential for any rider, as it allows you to jumpstart your motorcycle's battery in the event of a dead battery.
The cable is equipped with an insulating sleeve to prevent shorting between the clip, ensuring your safety while using it. It is also compatible with both 6V and 12V batteries, making it a versatile choice for a variety of motorcycle models. 
With a rating of 50A, this jumper cable is able to provide a strong and reliable connection to jumpstart your motorcycle's battery. The cable has a length of 1.5m/5ft, providing plenty of reach for easy use. A convenient vinyl bag is included for portability, so you can keep the cable with you on the go.

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