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On Off Switch
Tape Type

SKU D71779

On/off switch- Tape flat type (Black)

The On/Off Switch is a compact and versatile switch designed for use on motorcycles and other vehicles. It has a size of 20mm x 35mm x 17mm and can be easily installed onto any flat surface using the included double sided tape. The switch is available in a sleek black color and has a modern design that will blend in with any motorcycle or vehicle.

The switch is suitable for use with a 6V or 12V battery or can be connected to a power source with a maximum output of 100W using couplers. It comes with a cord that measures 800mm in length, providing plenty of reach for easy installation. The On/Off Switch is a reliable and convenient way to add a switch to your motorcycle or other vehicle. Whether you need to control lights, accessories, or other equipment, this switch is an essential tool.