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Seat Bag Black for Adventure Bike (Nylon) 7(liters)

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Motorcycle Seat Bag for Adventure Bike (Nylon Material)

This versatile seat bag comes in various sizes and designs to fit different vehicles. It combines a sporty shape with a large capacity while maintaining your vehicle's style. The bag features a backrest-style outer pocket to store a rain cover, a gray interior for easy visibility of stored items, and a bungee cord on the top surface for temporarily securing gloves or other items.

Made from synthetic leather and 1680D nylon, the bag can be easily attached to the seat using the EASY RING BELT, a versatile fixing belt developed by DAYTONA. To install the belt, wrap it around the seat, avoiding any protrusions, and sandwich the seat back to keep the lock part uncovered. Adjust the buckle's length to complete the installation. The remaining belt can be neatly organized and secured with the bungee cord or by using tape and a hook-and-loop fastener. The bag also includes a reflector for enhanced visibility during nighttime rides.