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Touring Bag (Small Size) H7.8xW11.8 ~ 15.7xD11.4(in) 20~26(liters)

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Motorcycle Touring Bag (Small)

This seat bag offers an excellent entry point for those looking to try out this type of storage solution. Its capacity is adjustable to accommodate varying amounts of luggage, ensuring that you have enough space no matter how much you accumulate during your travels. The reinforced frame and plate help to prevent cargo from collapsing, while the metal wire along the side edge maintains the bag's shape.

The wide opening design makes it easy to put items in and take them out, and the bag is equipped with drink holders and pockets on the left and right sides, perfect for storing frequently used items and rain covers. You can use a commercially available padlock or dial lock to secure the bag, and it comes with a shoulder belt that makes it easy to carry when removed from your vehicle. The net can be fixed using the D-ring on the top, and the back of the bag is equipped with a dark gray reflector, which increases visibility at night.

H7.8 x W11.8~15.7 x D11.4 inches