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Electric Tacho/Speedometer

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SKU D21979

80mm Tachometer/Speedometer

The 80mm Tachometer/Speedometer is a large and feature-packed gauge for your motorcycle. With an outer diameter of 80mm, this gauge is easy to read and looks great on vintage custom motorcycles. The needle display speedometer features liquid crystal white LED lights for a stylish look, and the analog tachometer is able to detect ignition methods such as crank 1 rotation/1 ignition, 2 rotations/1 ignition, 1 rotation/2 ignition, and 1 rotation/30 pulse output (* Note 1). The gauge also includes a digital speedometer with (km/h) / (M/h) switching, a voltmeter, fastest memory function, maximum rotation speed memory, odometer, and two trip meters (TRIP1 and TRIP2).

In addition to its impressive tachometer and speedometer functions, the 80mm Tachometer/Speedometer also includes indicators for warning light, neutral, high beam, turn signal left, and turn signal right. The gauge features white LED lighting, a spherical lens, a stepping motor drive, and is compatible with DC 12V power supply only. It comes with an external operation switch connection terminal and a V-shaped stay bracket for easy installation, and has a thin stainless steel body with an outer diameter of 80mm. Trust in the versatility and reliability of the 80mm Tachometer/Speedometer to keep you informed about your motorcycle's performance.

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