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Seat Bag
All Purpose

SKU D97241

Motorcycle Seat Bag (Polyester Material)

This seat bag is designed for convenience, with an A4 size that makes it easy to carry documents and other items and a low design that prevents your feet from hitting it when getting on and off the bike. Its variable capacity allows you to increase the bag's capacity as needed, and the main compartment is equipped with a padlock-compatible ring fastener for added security. Reliable YKK zippers can be locked with an optional dial lock for added peace of mind.

The bag can be secured to the seat using the EASY RING BELT, a new fixing belt developed by DAYTONA that is highly versatile and can be easily attached and detached regardless of the seat's shape. To install the belt, simply place it around the seat, avoiding protrusions on the back of the seat and the body side; sandwich the seat back so that the belt does not cover the lock part; and adjust the length of the buckle to complete the installation. The remaining belt is also neatly organized.